Action Plan & Guidance for Parents/Carers and Students – Updated 26/10/2020

Based on up to date Government Guidance (see link below*), this document is intended to assist with welcoming you back to the smooth, successful and safe re-opening and operation of our Associate Schools from September 2020. All details are correct as of the date above so and when Government Guidelines change, updates may be necessary.

The areas discussed in this document are covered under the following headlines:




Blended Learning

 Specific Measures                 


Safeguarding/First Aid/DBS/Evacuation                 

Risk Assessments

After what has been a very difficult time for us all, it is exciting to know that, in line with Government Guidelines, we are excited to be welcoming you back to our Associate Schools.

However, this is not a simple ‘return to business as usual’ and we have a number of important precautions that need to be adhered to and respected to ensure a safe return for our students, parents and staff.

We have introduced some clearly defined, well communicated and closely managed systems in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in our Schools.

During the pandemic, Italia Conti's Operations Director, Miranda Tatton-Brown, is acting as Italia Conti’s COVID-19 officer so any queries should be addressed to her via using ‘Covid-19’ in the subject bar of the email.


We will be communicating with you, our students and parents/carers regularly with regards to changes due to the pandemic. Please do look out for our communications as they will be sharing important updates with you which are essential for the smooth running and safety of everyone in and around our School.

Some initial pieces of information and advice follow here:

We are instructed to encourage you to walk, cycle or use your own private transport to and from our venue.

The use of public transport is discouraged.

No parents/carers will be allowed inside the venue.

If a student, parent/carer or anyone in their household is unwell or shows symptoms of Covid-19 they are not to attend Italia Conti Associate School and should self-isolate. Please do inform the Principal(s) if this is the case so that we can engage NHS Test and Trace if necessary.

Please see the ‘Specific Measures’ section of this document for further items.


  • Our School will be displaying posters with reminders about the importance of: 
  • Staying Home if ill, 
  • Social Distancing
  •  Hand Washing
  • Respiratory Hygiene
  • Cleaning
  • Ventilation

We will also be sharing a series of informative graphics on our social media which we encourage you to engage with.


We will be aiming to keep students in consistent ‘bubbles’ of small groups no bigger than 15 students (and at least one member of staff). The ‘bubbles’ will be kept in one room/space and the teachers will move between classes if necessary. Thereby removing the need for large numbers of students to move around the building. We will be staggering arrival, break and departure times to avoid congestion in common areas and potential contamination between ‘bubbles’. Timetables will indicate these specific timings.

Blended Learning/Online Delivery

In the event that a student is unable to participate in face to face classes due to reasons such as but not limited to, self isolation, local lockdown or showing symptoms of COVID-19, students will be permitted to engage with classes through online learning if they are fit and well enough to do so safely. Please ensure to communicate with the Principal(s) if this should occur. 

Specific Measures

The following list of measures should be considered as an extensive but not exclusive guide:

  1. Social Distancing of 1m+ is to be observed whenever possible
  2.  Students will be placed in ‘Bubbles’ of no more than 15 students
  3. Any students or staff who are unwell or showing symptoms of the virus – or who are living with anyone who is unwell or showing symptoms of the virus – must not attend the School
  4. Parents/carers should drop off/pick up outside the School and must not enter the building.
  5. There will be no indoor waiting room/space
  6. The venue and the Schools operating day must be Risk Assessed and documented
  7. Mandatory, regular cleaning will take place of all areas/surfaces between sessions
  8. The wearing of Face Coverings by students is to be encouraged in common areas i.e. anywhere outside of the student’s class ‘bubble’. Children under the age of 11 are not required to wear face coverings. 
  9. The regular washing of hands is to be constantly encouraged and the use of the slogan ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it’
  10. Good ventilation is essential in all active spaces. Open windows are preferred to air-conditioning but if AC is used, the control panels etc will be regularly sanitized.
  11. Anyone becoming ill at the School must be reported immediately to the Principal(s) and should be sent home immediately. A previously designated isolation space should be used while you wait for the individual to be collected. If Covid-19 is suspected all attending students and staff should be contacted and the NHS Test and Trace should be engaged. The individuals should follow NHS guidelines with regards to self-isolation, testing and contact tracing.
  12. It is not necessary for each ‘bubble’ to have its own exclusive toilet but toilet usage will need to be closely managed and the cleaning of all surfaces and the washing of hands is very important.
  13. Visual reminders/signage to be displayed throughout the setting
  14. Hand sanitizer to be available to all
  15. Site specific measures may need to be implemented to control flow/movement of people in to, out of and around the venue
  16. A hand-held temperature gun to check everyone on arrival will be used. If any one entering the building has a temperature of 37.8 degree or above, they will not be permitted to enter the site and will be asked for go home. 
  17. Students should arrive dressed and ready for their classes. Footwear/clothing should not be removed within the building. Long hair must be tied back. Parents/carers will be asked to take coats/outdoor clothes away with them and bring back on pick-up.
  18. All students must have their own drinks bottle, food/snacks, pen/pencil and note pad. The sharing of any items is not permitted.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

In our settings, the wearing of PPE is not mandatory, but the following points are strongly advised:

  • Students are to wear Face Coverings when they are using common areas (corridors etc).  Children under the age of 11 are not required to wear face coverings. 

Safeguarding/First Aid/DBS/Evacuation

You can rest assured that during this time of special measures, Italia Conti Associates are continuing to maintain our high standards of staffing with all DBS checks and excellent First Aid and Safeguarding provisions always in place.

The safety, health, happiness and wellbeing of our students is always our primary concern.

Evacuation procedures are not changed during the pandemic so your site specific plans will remain in place.

If you have any specific questions or queries about the New Term – or indeed any topic – please feel free to contact your local Italia Conti Associate School Principal.


* Government Guidelines for Parents: